HeadStrong Consulting is dedicated to helping great athletes become even greater through individual & team coaching, mental toughness exercises and more.

Individual Consultations

We provide individualized consultations for performers of all industries (athletes, coaches, athletic directors, parents, musicians, dancers, etc.).  In these sessions, mental toughness training skills are personalized so each client receives what they are specifically needing to enhance performance.  The first session is always a no-cost, no-obligation session where the potential client will learn about what we offer and how it could potentially help to build their mental toughness.

Business Sessions

We contract with businesses to provide leadership training, motivational sessions, resiliency training, and enhancing mental toughness within the business sector for performance enhancement.  Offering anywhere from 1 session to multiple sessions driven by the vision and mission of the business.

Team Consultations

HeadStrong provides sessions to teams as well in as little as one session per team and up to as many as desired; including mental toughness sessions and tips throughout the entire sport season.

7 Sessions to Mental Toughness

The following 5 Sessions are for athletes and cover Henschen's 5 Cardinal Skills of Mental Toughness:

  1. Coaching Mental Toughness – designed specifically for coaches to assist in strategies for coaching their athletes’ mental toughness

  2. Parenting Mental Toughness – this session focuses on helping parents of athletes discover  how to best parent their child-athlete

    The following 5 Sessions are for athletes and cover the 5 Cardinal Skills of Mental Toughness

  3. Control – this session helps athletes discover methods for learning to control themselves so they then have a better opportunity to control their performances (primarily focuses on pre-performance anxiety reduction)

  4. Focus and Concentration – athletes learn how to get their mind to where it should be, when it should be there

  5. Imagery – in this session athletes learn how to effectively use the power of their mind and thus put themselves in a better position to succeed

  6. Self-talk – athletes learn that success is a choice and uncover new methods for harnessing their minds effectively and appropriately

  7. Pre-performance Routines – You are warmed up, but are you ready to go?  In this session athletes learn how to assure their bodies and minds are ready for game-time.


Pricing varies.  Please contact us for pricing information.

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